Professional Affordable Comprehensive

Sediba Hope Medical Centre is an affiliate of Participate Empower and Navigate (PEN), a non-profit, faith-based organization that works closely with other NGOs and State departments in and around Tshwane.

PEN's vision is to ignite change, nurture togetherness and heal communities and it's in this context that PEN works on improving the lives of the people in the city of Tshwane. It is in this spirit, that Sediba Hope Medical Centre was developed.

Sediba Hope Medical Centre has been established with the vision to provide affordable, professional healthcare to people living or working in the Tshwane inner city, thereby contributing towards a healthier society as well as an inner-city renewal initiative.

Our model is a public-private partnership; with the Medical Centre providing services for private paying patients as well as donor funded at-risk populations. Private patients living and working within the inner city can access high quality, cost effective primary healthcare services.

Sediba Hope Medical Centre has capabilities that will help private patients who belong to medical aids to more easily accessible medical and pathology services.