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Sediba Hope Medical Centre believes in a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit results in an overall feeling of well-being.

For this reason, our Wellness Program is designed to improve the overall state of health so you can live a longer & healthier life. At Sediba Hope Medical Centre we provide a cost-effective way to monitor your health and track your results to show you how you improve as you change your lifestyle positively.

Our typical wellness screening may include the following:

  1. Physical examination with family history - Thorough investigation of past health issues, previous surgery and disease-patterns in the family to help detect future health issues.
  2. Blood Pressure - Readings are taken using the sphygmomanometer (yes, that is what it is called!). Background medical information and previous blood pressure history is also noted.
  3. Cholesterol - Blood-Cholesterol levels are screened using a blood sample. Healthy Eating-plans and possible use of medication is advised and recorded.
  4. Coronary Disease - Coronary (Heart) Artery Disease - Routine questioning helps to detect heart health or previous heart failure.
  5. Finger prick blood-glucose and Urine Dipsticks Test - to help screen for diabetes or bladder infection
  6. Eye Test - using Snellen's Chart
  7. Screening Hearing Test - using a tuning fork
  8. Weight Measurements - Body weight, height and fat ratios are recorded for tracking purposes and wellness improvement.
  9. Tobacco Use - Nicotine addiction is a major focus in our wellness program. Clients will be assisted, at their request, to get help to stop tobacco use.
  10. Referrals - If client has any health issue, a referral letter will be written to be taken with you to your family physician.
  11. Provider Initiated Counseling and Testing (PICT).