Professional Affordable Comprehensive

Since the early 90’s, PEN has been playing an active role in our city center community. PEN was founded in 1992, back then a lot of white families still resided in the city center, mostly in Schubartpark and surrounding flats. With the influx of multi racial families to the city center, it changed the city center culture in the sense that the traditional DRC Bosman Street asked whether the church is still relevant in terms of delivering much needed services to the community. This is where PEN left its first footprint.

Thousands of people flock to the city center of Pretoria in search of opportunities to better care for themselves and their families. The sad reality is that they end up in less desirable circumstances, forced to live in overcrowded flats and not fulfilling the dreams they had hoped for. In these dire circumstances family relations decay and also their dreams. This is where PEN is able to make a difference! PEN dreams of a city where communities care for one another, reaching out and rekindle hope! PEN’s vision becomes a reality when we are able to ignite change, heal communities & nurture togetherness.

Today, 20 years later, PEN serves the city center community through spiritual outreach programs for young and old. About 25 programs render services to our communities. A community center, community health center, homes of safety and other much needed programmes to name a few. PEN currently employ 145 full time personnel, each with a burning desire to serve our community living in the city center.

Some additional statistics about PEN’s outreach:

  • Approximately 3000 children and teenagers circulate through PEN’s programmes weekly.
  • 4125 meals are served by PEN on a weekly basis.
  • PEN’s supportive housing programme have 560 living units are rented out for supportive housing.